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27 June 2013 @ 07:16 pm

the SPICE LIFE UP ROUND YOUR TWO ficathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the wise words of leather jacket twin, "STEREK IS SO 2012" (unless you were here last year in which case you are ahead of the game, trendsetters!!!). So, Teen Wolf is back and with it’s return the internet is once again flooded with Derek/Stiles fic and not a whole lot else. YOU EVER LOG ONTO AO3 AND SPEND SEVEN MILLION HOURS SEARCHING UP ANY PAIRING THAT ISN’T DEREK/STILES AND NEVER, EVER, EVER FINDING ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR ONE WEIRD KNOTTING FIC WRITTEN IN RUSSIAN? Like, whatever floats your boat, man, this is a judgment free zone but some of us need a little variety, you know?

SO, WELCOME BACK TO THE SPICE UP YOUR LIFE FICATHON. If you weren’t here last year, this is basically a Teen Wolf RARE PAIR AND GEN FICATHON, WHERE THE RARE PAIRS ARE ANYTHING THAT ISN’T STEREK. WE HAVE ONE RULE AND THAT RULE IS: NO FIC WITH DEREK/STILES AS THE LEAD PAIRING. This is a ficathon to let all our other favourites shine. Where the eff are all the Scott Mccall AU epics, dudes?!?!


1. Prompt as much as you like, WHATEVER YOU LIKE. Literally anything goes so long as it isn’t adding to the Derek/Stiles tag (if you must include them as a sub-pairing, well, that’s your decision but let’s keep them out of the prompts ok). WRITE DEREK/ANYTHING ELSE. WRITE STILES/ANYONE ELSE. JUST NOT THE TWO OF THEM TOGETHER. Ain’t nobody here 4 that.

2. Anon is on, you don’t have to use it. I WANT EVERYONE 2 B COMFORTABLE SO W/E U NEED 2 DO, U DO.

3. FILL PROMPTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All prompts can be filled as many times by as many people that want to fill them. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO FILL AS MANY PROMPTS AS THEY LIKE.



You know the drill: OPTIONAL PAIRING + PROMPT, for example:

Allison/Ms. Morrell + What happens in an abandoned bank vault stays at the abandoned bank vault.


15 August 2012 @ 12:26 am
So, Teen Wolf fans, WHO WANTS TO SEE A LITTLE VARIETY? While I’ve been assured that Sterek is the #1 forever girl of Teen Wolf pairings, how about we challenge ourselves with a ficathon in honour of all the other pairings this show has to offer? I KNOW IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE OTHER PAIRINGS EXIST BUT I FEEL LIKE WE CAN ACCOMPLISH IT IF WE REALLY TRY. For inspiration, I threw together this graphic filled with the very few, rare glimpses of other pairings in action (it’s a stretch, but we’ll just have to use the power of our ~imaginations~). 


1. No Sterek. THIS MEANS NO FIC WHERE THE MAIN PAIRING IS STILES/DEREK (I will accept it as a background pairing if you must). Seriously. Don’t even try. No. If you want Sterek go to any other ficathon, AO3, tumblr tags, google, tweet the cast (don’t do this), and I’m sure you will find some! This isn’t about Sterek-bashing, or hating the pairing, this is just about taking a page out of the Spice Girl’s book and SPICING UP OUR LIVES. ADDIN’ A LITTLE SALT AND PEPPER TO THE TEEN WOLF FANDOM. What I am trying to say is: don’t yell at me. I am just trying to enrich all our lives. If you want to run your own Sterek Ficathon, I will even support you by adding a link to the bottom of this page for those who really need it. But here? NO STEREK

2. Um, ALL OTHER PAIRINGS ARE OKAY? Ship Stiles and Derek with anyone else! Experiment. Shuffle up character names and go at it. There are characters who’ve shared a single scene and scored sexual tension with each other. Seriously. Seriously.

3. Anon is on, you don’t have to use it. Cool. CoolCoolCool.

4. WE ARE BRADLEY COOPER AND THERE ARE NO LIMITS. Prompt as much as you like! Pair up as many people as you like! Anything can be filled as many times as (super) humanly possible. YOU CAN WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE. FICS CAN BE AS LONG AS THEY WANT. THIS FICATHON NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kidding, people get bored, it will end)

5. Art is welcome, if that’s what you’re into. 

6. Have fun. Get sexy. Get smutty. Write a buddy cop fic! GO GEN. Dream up some wacky AU’s. Aside from rule #1, I don’t even care what you post. PLAY NICE WITH ONE ANOTHER. I don’t want any drama, Spice Girls. 


You know the drill: OPTIONAL PAIRING + PROMPT, for example: 

Deaton/Melissa McCall + Deaton fills Mrs. McCall in on the supernatural and what a super star her son is, OVER A SEXY DINNER.